Adulting - Melbourne Comedy Festival

If you've ever been engaged at 19 or racked up parking fines worth a house deposit, then like Tash York you've probably not mastered Adulting.

Adulting is the process of doing 'grown-up' things. Things like holding down a job, paying your bills on time, cooking dinner (that doesn’t involve Maccas drive-thru) and even doing your taxes. Known for her ballsy voice, witty repartee and wine loving antics, award-winning cabaret artist Tash York (These Things Take Wine, The Desperettes, Impromptunes) explains why we can all relate - growing up is hard!

FRINGE WORLD Runner Up Best Cabaret 2016 : These Things Take Wine

York is a true talent audiences are lucky to experience ★★★★★ - Theatre People

Tash is captivating, extremely talented and will immerse you in her musical world - Beat
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