Caves 2 Catho Coast Walk 2018

The first Caves 2 Catho Coast Walk was so well-received and raised so much coin for our surf clubs we just have to bring it back in 2018.

Now, there was one person who criticised (constructively) damn near everything we did at the first C2C Walk, but as this individual was a guy called Dog who is also the event organiser we will be looking at implementing many improvements next year:

- actual Caves 2 Catho tees
- Friday night pickup
- more lines for quicker rego on the morning
- portaloos at both Caves and at Catho
- better course markings
- a chairlift at the Hill of Horror near the Shark Hole
- improved medical evacuation procedures
- better weather

If there's anything you think we could do next year to make this Coast Walk an even more awesome way to spend the day feel free to chime in either publicly or by dropping us a line privately. It's your event, after all!

Also, as you can see by the Event Header we could use some kickass event header photos to promote next year's Caves 2 Catho Coast Walk. You got one?
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