Chicks at the Flicks - I Feel Pretty

Chicks at the Flicks - I Feel Pretty.
Join us on Wednesday 18th April from 6pm for Amy Schumer's hilarious movie where attitude is everything.

Synopsis: Renee desperately wants to be one of the “pretty” girls. After a freak accident during spin class, her dream comes true when she wakes up to a completely new reflection, believing she is now the most beautiful woman in the world. With a newfound confidence, she is empowered to live her life fearlessly & flawlessly, climbing the ranks at the cosmetics company she works for, earning the respect of her boss & bagging a cute boyfriend. The catch? To everyone around her, Renee looks exactly the same.

Join us for all the laughs & book your tickets for you and the girls today.
Don’t forget every ticket comes with a bonus gift bag!
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