December Learning Curve Camp

A week long event for students, novice and anyone else who want's to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of everything skydiving. AFF, b-rels, tracking, freefly, starcrest, canopy, rigging, spotting & gps. Plus loads MORE.

No rego and no hidden costs! For more info visit the website:

Ramblers Learning Curve Camps are personalised mini-boogies specifically designed for A-F licensed jumpers ie. low experience level jumpers who are wanting to increase knowledge and awareness, gain experience, achieve licences and ratings and try new things in a safe and fun environment, plus experienced jumpers wanting to try new things, new camera flyers and jump pigs wanting to get on heaps of midweek loads.

Videos of the day’s jumps on the big screen each night plus landings videoed each day and debriefed as a group each night. Seminars most nights on a number of topics.

Check out this awesome LCC's seminar schedule:

- Monday - gear maintenance - Tuesday - spotting and jump run
- Wednesday - angles and Navigating
- Thursday - Weather
- Friday - A/B licence exams

Come out to progress in the sport - learn how to be safe and of course, have FUN!

Register on-line to let organisers knows about your skill level, the jumps you want to do, the coaching you require, the seminars you want to hear and what goals you want to achieve. Registration is optional, but it will help us cater to your needs and wants.

Come and find out why Ramblers is "Famous for Fun"!
Stay for the weekend of fun and games!
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