Diverse Identities – Juxtaposition

Norwood Morialta High School Exhibition

Opens: Friday 3 November at 3 pm
Opening Speaker Kat Dujmovic, AKA Architects
This year the art, design and media students have expressed themselves in many different disciplines of the visual arts using a range of mediums and themes. Individual groups explored the theme of Identity and Juxtaposition and produced highly detailed and whimsical work. Many students have worked with both artists and designers during the year and have been inspired to produce work based on traditional skills and techniques. Senior students have also produced work from workshops they have attended at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Students are constantly challenged and are encouraged to view the world in different ways whilst exploring their own Identity and how this fits with the wider contemporary culture. Thinking and solving problems creatively is encouraged and students use their imagination to develop studio based work that is meaningful but also skillfully produced. Excellence in thinking and production are valued within the visual arts at school.

Students have worked in many areas including painting, mixed media, sculpture, digital media, design and multimodal works. They also use historical and contemporary artists as inspiration for thinking and making.

This exhibition gives students the opportunity to develop and display work within the community and gives them an understanding of the role and importance of the visual arts beyond the school environment.
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