Equinox Boogie 2018 - Skydiving and Music Festival

YAHOO - EQUINOX! Australia’s largest international Freefall & Music Festival! Book your holidays. It only happens every 2 years.

The EQUINOX BOOGIE is Famous For Fun! Great jumps, great entertainment and a full moon, plus lots of new, innovative stuff happening here on the Drop Zone. Stay tuned.

Turbine aeroplanes
Top level coaches & load organisers, all loads videoed
Nightly Day Tapes on the big screen, awesome Raffles
Fantastic nightly Entertainment & Night jumps
Famous Equinox Talent Quest
Cocktails at the Calypso Bar around the Pool with Live Music!
Fooz comps & Big Bonfire

All this and more at the Ramblers Skydiving Resort - created by Skydivers, for Skydivers.

Watch this space for updates.
Invite all your jumping mates and spread the word!
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