Griffith Review 58: The Novella Project V: Storied Lives

Join our MC Nick Earls as he hosts the launch of Griffith Review 58: The Novella Project V: Storied Lives.

Every life offers a unique story – but some lives stand out so distinctly they leave their mark on the world. How do some people make such a difference – and trigger change both at large and close to home?

Griffith Review 58: Storied Lives – The Novella Project V focuses on people who have effected a change in the world. It looks at the lives of others – real and imagined – that have created a narrative that resonates. Their stories, personal, political, scientific or cultural, help map change, and illustrate how an individual life can coalesce with history to leave an enduring mark.

For the first time, Griffith Review's Novella Project combines both fiction and nonfiction in order to highlight the rich diversity of writing talent in Australia.
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