Here's to turning 4 and being slightly viable

Let’s lift our glasses and toast:

the endless times YOU gave us a go, walked through our gates, asked ‘what is this place?’ and shared (y)our dreams with us

the ever-changing bar and coldroom infrastructures

the times we've felt beaten but kept going anyway

that weird thing discovered at the back of the cold room

the mountains of glorious construction dust we've swept up

the stripy marsh frog in our pond

the events we threw to the air that crashed and burned

and the many more that didn’t

one of the busiest kitchen incubators IN THE WORLD

that special breed of food maker who has become a guardian of this place - you are our heartbeat and we love you

'you know who', who shut down our fun more times then we care to remember
us getting gas heaters and TWO big ass fans soon! YAY! (they'll be here for the partay!!)

Ange & Mathew's house in West End, which is sinking, swaying AND leaking because they've put all of their savings and loans into this place (there will be a donation box in the bathroom).

our bloody amazing staff who make this place magical - you are truly remarkable people

the exciting dreams we still have

the tears that have fallen

the laughs that continue

the fear we've all felt

Brisbane, for not spitting us out already

To us. To you.

Pick a couple of the above that seem most noteworthy, and let's toast them together on Friday 3rd November - have a bloody drink with us already because we ALL deserve it!

All ages, shapes and sizes welcome.
Bar opens from midday - guests welcome anytime from then but the real party will kick off from 5pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Ange's kissing booth is only open from 6-7pm - we only wanna see pineapples if you know what we mean. She ain't cheap.
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