ITH: Once Upon A Time In America

Crime, passion and lust for power - Do not miss Sergio Leone's epic masterpiece of gangland America at the #InTheHouse Closing Night - JUN 1! As boys, they made a pact to share their fortunes, their loves, their lives. As men, they shared a dream to rise from poverty to power.

Date: 1 June, 2018
Time: 7:00pm
Cinema: Event Cinemas George Street

Synopsis: Sergio Leone's epic crime drama is visually stunning, stylistically bold, and emotionally haunting, and filled with great performances from the likes of Robert De Niro and James Woods - a cinematic masterpiece.

Spanning four decades, the film tells the story of David "Noodles" Aaronson (Robert DeNiro) and his Jewish pals. The acting, the re-creation of the time period, the cinematography, and the music are all superb.
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