Medical Intuitive Courses

Join intrentaionally recognised and award winning Medical Intuitive Jean Sheehan for her Millennium Modality ® Medical Intuitive Retreat in Melbourne.

This divine 8 day journey will open opportunities to all possibilities. You will learn body consciosuness, chakras, - minor, major and more, explore sacred geometry and crystal gridding and have an experience that you will never forget - it will be life changing and tranformational.

For for further details on curriculum check the website

Jean travels globally to teach this amazing modality and is continually requested to speak about her gift of seeing inside the body. She has taught at QLD and NSW universtities and is requested as speaker for Cruise ships.

Due to popular demand Jean wrote about her metaphysical journey in 'The Jean Sheehan Story' .. as she says she was teh reluctant author. If it was not for her clients requesting her story she would not have shared. Since doing so her book is AMAZON best seller and has helped thousands.

Ensure to book in early for this event

Bookings on website: or 07 5641 4009

you will want to invest in this for your future and life
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