Nārūtu: Assyrian Folk Music Concert

The Assyrian Church of the East’s Youth Association Sydney (ACEYA) and Relief Organisation (ACERO Australia) are proud to present Nārūtu: Assyrian Folk Music Concert on Sunday 7 October 2018 at EVAN Theatre, Penrith.

Iconic Assyrian folk music by William Daniel, Alexander (Shoora) Michailian, and many others will be brought back to life by our Nārūtu Choral Ensemble – accompanied by the Sydney Youth Chamber Orchestra and conducted by Mesopotamian Night’s John Kendall Bailey – for the very first time in Sydney, Australia. Starring at Nārūtu will be music legend Linda George from the United States, who will perform patriotic Assyrian songs on the night.

Join us as we reminisce on the great music of the previous century. With the voices of the one and only Linda George and the Nārūtu Choral Ensemble, we will be taken back to glorious Assyria, the cradle of civilisation!

Your support is greatly appreciated as a portion of proceeds will go to ACERO Australia (acero.org.au) – in helping those in need here and abroad.

We look forward to seeing you this October at Nārūtu.
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