Practice Owner's Workshop - Sydney

Are you tired trying to keep up with all the training, knowledge, and skills required to run a successful dental practice?

Do you feel overwhelmed stretching yourself to juggle all of these responsibilities, leaving you exhausted at the end of each week?

Do you feel like building your practice has become a grind?

Are you uncertain about how to measure your success and KNOW how you are doing?

Do you know what numbers to look at to determine what areas need work in your business?
Or is your marketing not working at all and your competitors are snapping up the business?

Both from a business owner’s perspective and as a practitioner, the scope of training, knowledge, and skills required to run a successful dental practice would intimidate most. If stretching yourself to juggle all of these responsibilities is leaving you exhausted at the end of each week, it’s important that you acknowledge a simple truth:
There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to face it all alone.
As a practice owner, you likely attended dental school to learn how to perform high-quality dentistry. And while you developed excellent clinical skills, that’s where the education stopped:
• You weren’t taught how to run a business
• You weren’t taught how to lead a team
• You weren’t taught how to communicate effectively with patients
The very skills you need to create a less stressful, team-managed practice that's highly profitable with or without you.

Discover the 4 pillars of practice ownership mastery:

1. Business objectives (getting clarity on where you are now and where you want to be)

2. Tool and processes (what it takes to turn your vision into reality)
3. Patient communications (a new paradigm for patient communications)

4. Team building and leadership (how to develop your number one asset, your people)

You will leave the Practice Owner's Workshop with a clear vision for your dream practice, and step-by-step blueprint for how to turn that vision into reality.

Here's a few comments from over 2,120 raving reviews:

"Practice Owner's Workshop is an eye opening course and I am convinced all dentists will benefit from it."
- Dr Richard Zhu, NZ

"Prime Practice gives the clinician systems and tools to build a successful, team-managed business."
- Dr Eduardo Miranda, NSW

"Practice Owner's Workshop gave clarity and taught us how we can do things better so that we can enhance productivity and team harmony while reducing stress."
- Dr Andrew Teakle

"Specific, immediately actionable concepts and tools which will make long lasting impact on our practice."
- Ali Wilson

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