Primespeak - Brisbane

Secure your spot at Primespeak, the world famous clinical communications seminar. Over 10,000 dentists and their teams around the world have undertaken Primespeak since 1995 to learn how to present treatment options in the most ethical way in order to:
• Build long and trusting relationships
• Get patients to ask for the treatment they need
• Learn a systematic way to deliver messages to patients in the new patient exam
• Improve uptake of treatment plans
• Increase patient ownership of their own conditions without ever selling to them
• Never get rejected
• Communicate clearly and effectively in a language your patient understands

Following Primespeak, Alumni claim their patients ALWAYS:
• Are aware of their oral health and the damaging results of existing condition
• Understand their treatment options and know that any treatment is entirely their decision
• Feel supported and respected by the practice, regardless of what treatment they choose
Primespeak Seminar Agenda
• Discover the communication mistakes made by dentists
• Learn how to operate outside your comfort zone and adopt a new paradigm of thinking
• Understand the five laws of patient behaviour that are critical to implementation of Primespeak
• The ethics of dental clinical communication
Primespeak Foundations
• Understand the difference between the traditional New Patient exam and the Primespeak New Patient exam
• How to build and break trust with patients
• Discover how to build relationships with patients quickly and ethically
• Communicate with a patient regarding their condition without overwhelming them
• Create patient awareness and understanding of their condition
• Accelerate patient decision-making
Deconstructing the traditional new patient exam
• Discover why the traditional new patient exam no longer works
• Uncover the traps most clinicians fall into
• Lead patients through a comfortable, natural series of questions designed to get the information you need
• A new approach to when and how to educate your patients
• Learn a systematic way to tackle the pre-clinical discussion
The new New Patient Exam • Ask the right questions to create opportunities
• Gain patient commitment in an ethical way
• Identify hidden objections early on to diffuse them at the right time
• Effectively resolve any objections and create win win situations
• Use evidence to back up what you have to say
• Educate your patient in a non-threatening way
• Effective Consultation techniques to use in the new patient exam
• Offering solutions without taking control from the patient
• Learn the best techniques to influence your patient toward optimal treatment without sales pressureUse evidence to back up what you have to say
• Approach the consultation confidently
• Become a more persuasive and powerful communicator in all situations

Here's what previous participants have to say about attending:

"Primespeak removes stress from dentistry. Patient compliance for optimal treatment has increased in the short time I have introduced Prime concepts." - Dr Arthur Wigell, Camperdown NSW

"Primespeak used even on a small scale has made a huge positive impact on my practice. I wish I could have done it 20 years ago." - Dr Rod Orb, Applecross WA

"Simple, realistic and effective techniques that take the 'pain' away from treatment planning and presentation." - Dr Wally Hassoun, Toorak VIC

"This has been a life changing course for me. It has changed the way I interact with patients and my enjoyment of my profession." - Dr Dennis Shepherd, Whangarei NZN

"Nothing will change your practice for the better more than PrimeSpeak. Nothing!" - Dr Brett Taylor, Penshurst NSW

"An absolute must for dentists and their teams. Do you really understand what you're saying to patients and why they react the way they do? Unravel the mystery with Primespeak." - Dr David Unwin, Buddina QLD

"My initial concern was that the course was about sales and possibly unethical. I am now telling my fellow dentists the advantages of this course. There is an ethical agenda!" - Dr Art Wigell, Camperdown SA

"Insightful opens up a different stress free dental world. The course makes dentistry more enjoyable and creates a much better understanding with patients." - Dr Vicky Wei, Kaitaia NZN

"The Primespeak course was an extremely effective way in communicating the need to put the patient first and create a friendly and ethical plan for promoting optimal treatment." - Dr Karen Kiau, Leeming WA


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