Public Lecture with Israr Qureshi

An annual investment of $3 trillion for 15 years is estimated to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). With the role and finances of governments shrinking and NGOs’ growing struggle to raise funds, the SDGs can be achieved through designing ingenious business models and structuring innovative partnership amongst government agencies, NGOs and businesses.

In this special talk, Professor Israr Qureshi will discuss the different social intermediation models that create market linkages and engage the marginalised and disadvantaged groups with the formal economy. He will analyse a set of activities that allow the base of pyramid producers, workers, and consumers to reduce problems of adverse selection and moral hazard that currently plague transactional arrangements, and to redistribute the resulting economic rents in a more equitable manner.

About Israr Qureshi

Israr Qureshi is the Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Australian National University. He received his MBA from Maastricht School of Management and PhD in Business Administration and Management from the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

He is currently involved in multiple research projects that investigate various social value creation aspects through social entrepreneurship and Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development (ICTSD). Professor Qureshi’s extensive research and pro bono advising of social enterprises and ventures in the BoP context helped him understand the role of ICTSD and Social entrepreneurship in transforming the society.
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