Quebec Fiddle Wekeend 2017

We’ve joined with Blackwood Festival!

This year’s Quebec Fiddle Weekend will join forces with the lively Blackwood Festival, Victoria. Quebec Fiddle Weekend will have our own hub in town for workshops, some communal meals and jams. Camping is included for free in the heart of the Blackwood Festival, just down the road, and there are also some beds in the Quebecois share houses on offer, if you're quick! Blackwood Festival is a leading Australian festival for cajun, old-timey and bluegrass music, and is very excited to now add the music of Quebec to its program.

David Boulanger (fiddle), Simon Marion (guitar)

The challenge was on to find artists equal in talent and charm as our guests last year, Pascal and Yann . So the best place to look was in the premier Quebecois band, La Botttine Souriante, who have been setting the standard for over 40 years. David has been the star fiddler with the band since 2003, and Simon has toured with them from time to time, along with a host of other bands. They both bring years of performing and teaching experience with them, along with genuine pride in their Quebecois trad roots. And Yann has guaranteed that David and Simon are a lot of fun to be with!


Who is this Weekend for?

The aim of the weekend is to learn some Quebecois tunes - because they are such crowd-pleasers and fun to play - and to spend time with great musicians in an intimate setting. Players who will benefit the most are those who are competent on their instrument and comfortable learning by ear. The number of participants is limited, so that everyone will feel included and benefit from the teaching at their own level and pace. Along with fiddles and guitars, button accordions, mandolins, pianos and bass instruments are ideal.

Where to find out more and to register?

The website has all the info.
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