Reiki Roots Retreat - Japan 2019 (Expressions of Interest)

***Exciting News***

I am heading to Japan! Flights are all booked and paid for (granted not until next year...but the countdown is on 254 days and counting :D).

Why Japan do you ask? Well - I am heading over to organise and finalise Bee Free Healing's "REIKI ROOTS RETREAT" --- YES, it is finally happening!!

So for all the lightworker's out there that love Reiki as much as I do, and you have done your Reiki 2 (or above), then join me in 2019 as we explore Tokyo, Kyoto and more... that gives you just over 15 months to start saving!

While in Japan we will:
* Visit Saihoji Temple - the grave site and memorial of Dr Usui in the heart of Tokyo
* Climb Kurama Yama where Dr Usui first meditated and downloaded the Reiki symbols
* Be treated by a traditional Japanese Reiki Master for very own healing
* Sing your heart out in an iconic Japanese Karaoke Bar
* Eat until you think you might burst, on delicious Japanese cuisine
* Sleep in an elegant Ryokan on traditonal Japanese Tatami mats.
...and so much more!

Dates & Pricing TO BE CONFIRMED
(Approx: May/June 2019)
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