Setting Goals and Changing Behaviour Members Seminar

Goal setting and changing behaviour is one of the hardest things any of us will ever try to do. It is a self-engineering challenge with few equals.

Whether the change involves diet, exercise, habits, dependencies, or anything else, ultimately we’re trying to solve or at least alleviate problems. Most people do have some idea of changes they should make to their lifestyle to enjoy and protect better health. The problem for most people is not a lack of information, but of motivation.

This 60 minute session is about long-term change, not short-run bursts that sputter out before real change happens. Come and learn about:
Key ingredients for change
Why change strategies hinged on fear and regret don’t work
All or nothing thinking
Failing at least once is part of the process

Session is members only. Please book your place online at

With guest speak Nick from NUTRITION NATION
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