The Cross-Cultural Festival

The Cross-Cultural Festival
Saturday 7th April | 5.00pm
Western Plains Cultural Centre/ Victoria Park #2 Oval
Bring a Picnic Blanket or Chair

The Festival of Dubbo's Diversity!

Revel in the spice, sound and colour of Dubbo in this annual celebration of cultural diversity. Music, food and dancing abound in this joyous festival. The aim of the event is to foster cultural respect and understanding between different nation and culture groups.This is organised in association with ORISCON.

Authentic Food to Dazzle the Senses
From Rice Cakes to Mo Mo to Dosas to Samosas
Cash Bar Available
Traditional and Modern Dances
Learn your own Bollywood moves!
Take up Tininkling

​Singers and Performers from Around the World

​Henna and Costumes
Walk away with a temporary tattoo

My Object, Our Culture
Fascinating glimpses of life from around the world
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