The New National Sport by Cigdem Aydemir

In this live endurance performance, Cigdem Aydemir must return serves sent from a tennis-ball throwing machine, which ejects a ball whenever the word ‘terror’ is tweeted. With tweets appearing around every 15 seconds, The New National Sport questions the stamina of a society inundated by – and desensitised to – the news of terror.

On a specially designed court, Aydemir ducks and weaves to negotiate the unpredictability and relentlessness of the machine, which is connected to an iPad that displays the emerging tweets. Resembling a macabre tennis game, The New National Sport reflects the constant vigilance experienced by the artist – a Muslim woman – and the larger Muslim community, regardless of whether a new act of terror occurs or is committed by a Muslim.

Terror – if it doesn’t kill us, will it make us stronger?


Creator & Performer:
Cigdem Aydemir
Technical Programmer:
Warren Armstrong
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