The Place in Between

The music stops………..
The horror when the lights come on. What do you do next?
The wheels still spinning………….
The incessant dialogue racing…….
There is an all- consuming myriad of possibilities just beyond reach…..
Is this a turning point? The story is yours…. Start writing.

Award winning local choreographer Cadi Mccarthy brings this exciting new dance-theatre work to life, unravelling the emotional turbulence that rises from periods of transition. Where situations have arisen out of our control.

Based on a series of characters, That Place In Between looks at the games we play to cover insecurities, the facades we develop to conceal our real identity, and the masks and devices we use to deal with the tenuous world around us. Featuring an outstanding dance ensemble, Catapult will launch this explosive new work in Newcastle before it goes on tour.

That Place In Between is a dance & physical theatre work that presents the fragility of human interactions. The work explores the games we play to cover insecurities and the facades we develop to conceal our true identity. Through collisions in human relationships - personal conflicts and exchanges - be it with strangers, lovers, friends, or most importantly collisions within ourselves ‘That Place In Between’ challenges audience with those moments when life suddenly stands still, and you are rendered silent, lost, directionless and then….out of control.
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