Featuring an actor and a war veteran, Unload weaves the compelling stories of Canadian soldiers who served in Afghanistan into a vivid and fast-paced narrative.
Drawing on a range of theatrical traditions, including Shakespearean battle speeches, it reveals the humanity of those who serve in places of conflict.

Unload is a two person adaptation of Contact! Unload, a theatre initiative involving eight Canadian veterans as performers, which has received acclaim across Canada and the UK.
Unload invites the audience to connect with soldiers and the courage they display as they confront the trauma-related injuries sustained during tours-of-duty. Using physical and image-based approaches, the play brings to life narratives about the difficult transition of returning veterans and their pathways towards recovery.

Unload will be followed by a post-play discussion moderated by Dr. Marv Westwood.
With support from Movember Canada, University of British Columbia, and the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies.
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