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History - ANB

The Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Federation (ANB) was formed in 1983 by Robert Powell who was a young man who had a passion for all sports, especially sports that required strength training. In those days Robert owned supplement stores in Sydney where also Kevin Reilly worked as a distributor and today is ANB Vice President.

Now more than two and a half decades later with numerous world champions and Australian Champions, we have a firmly structured national organization involving hundreds of administrative members and literally tens of thousands of members. We continue to have sold out shows and with each competition the numbers of competitors continue to grow.

We have a firm and respected anti-drug policy by ASADA where with their support we will continue to support natural athletes as much as possible to give them an even playing field on stage.

Below the National Executive is a layer of promoters and state representatives where they continue to hold competitions and twice a year we all get together at the Asia Pacific’s and Australian Championships where the battle of the best occurs!

Then next layer is a veritable army of helpers that are often not seen but are as important as any other link in the mighty ANB chain, these are the contest day staff, people like the time keeper, the music man, the security team, back stage marshals, the list is almost endless, these people make the competitions happen, they are very important and vital to our overall success.

Then comes the largest layer in the pyramid, our hundreds of thousands of competitors over the years. Without courageous men and women who say no to drugs and choose to build their bodies the healthy way, there would be nothing at all. Our members, those who compete and those that turn up to watch them are our greatest strength and most valuable asset.
Competitors are judged 100% according to their body and this is probably the only sport in the world where all people are equal to begin with.
We wish you all the best embarking on this wonderful journey and we look foward to having you part of our shows!
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