Guru's Indian Cuisine

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Coffs Harbour’s slice of India

YOU don’t need to travel to India to experience its rich and bold culinary delights, Somnath and Sonal Bhaskar and the team at Guru’s Masters of Indian Cuisine serve up an authentic slice of India on your plate right on our doorstep here in Coffs Harbour.
The family owned and operated restaurant has humble beginnings that would fit into a heart-warming Hollywood blockbuster with Somnath and his family migrating to Australia in 2009 with nothing but ambition and love for Indian food and spices.
Somnath and Sonal are the dynamic husband and wife duo behind the cuisine. Somnath takes care of the cooking side of things while his wife Sonal is a restaurateur and works in the front of house.
With more than 15 years experience as a chef in Australia and India, you’re in safe hands with Somnath to provide an opulent Indian dining experience. He has also cooked in the kitchens of prestigious five star hotels including international luxury Oberoi hotels and resorts

Guru’s philosophy is simple: To showcase the very best of Indian cuisine and culture to the Coffs Coast.
“Food for us is always been an adventure, professionally its also been about putting Indian cuisine at the forefront, on a podium and on par with some of the most beautiful culinary creations out there,” Somnath said.
“It’s always been about staying connected to our culture and digging the traditional routes and exploring India’s rich history and taking it further in terms of food and great service,” he said.
Sourcing the best quality of imported and local ingredients, Guru’s utilise traditional cooking styles to bring Indian cuisine to life on your plate. Their Tandoori entrees and mains hark back to the northwest frontier of India with their experienced chefs marinating the meat overnight and then cooking it in an urn-like clay pot to seal the meat and lock in the natural juices with a characteristic char grill flavour.
Understanding allergies and dietary requirements are an increasingly prominent issue in the Australian food scene, Guru’s strive to cater to the needs of all their customers by creating a personalised dining experience for each visitor to their restaurant.
Somnath said he has been taught for individuals to enable everyone to access the great flavours of Indian cooking.
“We cook for you we don’t cook for the everyone in the restaurant receives customised and specialised service.”
Combining his comprehensive knowledge of Indian food and spices, Somnath hopes to impart his knowledge on the local
Somnath is looking to take his passion for Indian cuisine to the next level by imparting his years of experience with the local community by starting Indian cooking master classes.

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