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For a person who has been surrounded by beauty for most of my time, it might not come as a
surprise to develop a willingness to capture and appreciate beauty, quirky, quiet and playful in all its spheres. Harold ‘Jay’
Jones is a man of substance who retired in the year 2009 from the coastal city Coffs Harbour,
Australia that manifests scenic elegance. Rooted in the United States, I has been an ardent
aficionado of beauty among nature and people.
My very first experiment with a professional camera took place in the year 2012. That was then
and I has never looked back! Giving all my time to photography, I realized that my fervor was
a result of the passion that had ignited within me to create accurate glimpses of the masterpieces nature created. Consistent at clicking pictures, doing things "differently" than traditional, understanding lights, rehashing
what was missing and spending hours on studying the field that had captured my mind and
vision, I realized the base of my dream profession.
Constant analysis of errors and corrections drew me closer to the subject and bordering
perfection every day that passed. Taking up professional education in photography brought me to my calling and that was fashion and beauty photography!
While I unearthed secrets to decipher the ultimate poses and lightning for the perfect picture, fashion and beauty intrigued me. The colors, the models, the art and glamour behind the camera motivated me to create a resemblance of the same in the form of a tangible picture.
HDSE Models is the dramatic side of the creative HDSE Designs that deals with photography.
With my explicit knowledge on posing, lighting, fashion and glamour, along with a team of
Makeup Artisans and Hair stylists, brings to you a showcase of his models for the world to see.
Creativity has no boundaries, Jay's Camera proves that to a T.

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