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After being diagnosed with a range of food intolerances, Mr Intolerable made it his mission to find ways to continue to enjoy the food he loved without sacrificing taste. After finding may other people in the same position, he decided to share his recipes to help others in the same position.

Mr Intolerable's is all about happy, healthy eating.

Happy for your belly:
Put simply, when your belly feels good, it’s a happy belly. Knowing that you have just eaten a meal that will work with your body and allow you to comfortably enjoy the meal, with normal digestion and also tastes great brings simple happiness to both the you and your belly.

Healthy for your body:
Having a healthy body, in general, makes us feel good and frees our minds of health concerns, along with the worry and anxiety of being in discomfort.

Eating for the pleasure:
We all love to eat good food and get pleasure from the taste, the texture and the way it makes us feel. Living with one or more food allergies or intolerances can make this hard, but you don't need to sacrifice taste to enjoy great food.

If you have any comments, suggestions or specific allergies you would like to see recipes for, please send them through and Mr Intolerable will try to work his magic.

Thank you for visiting.

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