Precision Cosmetic Treatments

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Do you want to always feel 'made up'?

Tired of putting your make up on each day?

Precision Cosmetic Tattooing provides a permanent solution to traditional daily make up applications.

Precision Cosmetic Tattooing procedures include:

• Permanent eyeliner [top liner / bottom liner]
• Permanent eyebrows [shading / fine hair stoke]

Have you heard the saying 'Love the skin you're in'? Well .. you only have one skin and therefore it's imperative to look after it. Precision Cosmetic Treatments has your skin needs covered:
* Microdermabrasion
* IPL - pigmentation / rejuvenation / hair
reduction / acne and vascular
* LED light therapy

I use Skino2 products that were founded in 2005 by Doctors for Doctors. Originally created for Dr Atia’s own cosmetic patients' skin concerns, to meet the needs of skin problems such as: acne, rosacea, redness and skin sensitivity, to anti-aging concerns.

Also offering the latest in Tattoo Laser removal.

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Abbie xx
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