100 year celebration of the creation of Centre Emile Bernheim

Centre Emile Bernheim is named after renowned and visionary Belgian entrepreneur Emile Bernheim. Bernheim believed that business people have a role in leading the way to improve society. It was created in 1951 to advance knowledge about and practices of management science.

Today, Centre Emile Bernheim (CEB) is Solvay's research institute in management science. The CEB is organized in eight departments hosting full-time and part-time professors as well as researchers. More about the CEB can be found on http://www.solvay.edu/centre-emile-bernheim.

Centre Emile Bernheim organizes the Research Seminar in Applied Economics and Management (RSAEM), under the supervision of under the supervision of Professors Sandra Rothenberger and Pierre-Guillaume Méon. You can find more information by visiting this page: http://www.solvay.edu/research-seminars-ceb
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