Bonzai All Stars & Friends at Eskimo Fabriek

Bonzai All Stars have gathered the squad together once again for another night of retro madness with an added dose of progressive goodness. Bonzai Music join forces with Nasty Mondays to bring you a full on party experience at Eskimo Fabriek in Ghent, with 2 rooms of sound offering a fully immersive club experience.

Nasty Mondays is a respected institution in Belgium with a history of throwing wild parties since 1995 while Eskimo Fabriek is the perfect setting, its 19th Century halls offer the perfect acoustic setting for pulsating bass rhythms and pounding beats.

The Retro Room will showcase the best in oldskool featuring the creme de la creme of DJ's including Bonzai All Stars, DJ One Finger, Franky Kloeck, DJ Ghost, CJ Bolland, Dave Davis, Zolex and Greg S.

In the Progressive Room you can expect to be entertained with a mixture of solid progressive grooves from back in the day as well as more contemporary sounds. This room will feature a host of quality jocks including Oliver Lieb, Airwave, Quincy, Nico Parisi, Gai Barone, Phi Phi and Crocy.

Get your calendar marked for Saturday 2nd June 2018 and be prepared to have your senses raided and minds blown.
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