Casual Nun // Bruxa Maria // Tarabush

» CASUAL NUN (UK) (Psychedelic kraut / Noise Rock)

"Pineal-poking punked-up psychedelic speedfreakery" A music group from London. "Akin to blending the sonic freak outs of legendary krautrock pioneers Ash Ra Tempel with 90’s Japanese noise mongers Up-Tight or Ohkami No Jikan," - Roadburn "All tumultuous sounds hurtling through a cavernous echo chamber." - Echoes & Dust

» BRUXA MARIA (UK) (Noise Rock)

» TARABUSH (Noise)

SOME Ancient travellers say the term "Tarabush" refers to a type of tobacco found in bulk quantities in some Albanian old street markets. Apart from that, nobody has ever heard this term before until some random and rare appearances of a performing onemanband shooting out a uncommon violent sound , were reported in southern and central Europe. His face never shown and the connection between the 2 elements is unknown. Witnesses claim he would play rough homemade instruments performing a doom gothic blues and he comes from mud . Nothing more has been reported except a wicked whisper who came and made hearts as dry as dust during his performances”

+ OPENING HOUR : 20:00
+ ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4:
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