Crisis (exclusive date), De Brassers, Factice Factory

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✧ CRISIS (uk - punk) [exclusive Belgian date]
✧ DE BRASSERS (b - post-punk)
✧ FACTIC FACTORY (f/ch - post-punk)

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✧ Le Chiffre (Convulsions Sonores)
✧ Hatecraft (Fantastique.Nights)

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Presale: €17

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✧ Magasin 4
✧ rue du Port 51b Havenlaan - 1000 Brussels

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Crisis formed in 1977 with the lineup of Phrazer (vocals), Lester Jones (lead guitar), Douglas Pearce (guitar), Tony Wakeford (bass) and Insect Robin the Cleaner (drums).
Their debut single, "No Town Hall", was released in 1978 on Action Group Records. On 1 November 1978, Crisis recorded four tracks at a Peel Session for BBC Radio 1, with two of the tracks released as the "UK 79" 7" single in 1979 on the Ardkor label. The remaining two Peel Session songs were posthumously issued by Ardkor in 1981 as "Alienation".
In early 1979, the band underwent a major change in personnel when Phrazer and Insect Robin the Cleaner were replaced by Dexter (a longtime fan and roadie) and Luke Rendle. After performing their last show, supporting Magazine and Bauhaus in their hometown of Guildford in Surrey on 10 May 1980, the band broke up. A recording of the final show was released in 2008 as the Ends! CD.
In 2017, 40 years on, Crisis have reformed. The lineup consists of original member Wakeford on bass, Lloyd James (of Naevus) on vocals, Clive Giblin (of Alternative TV) on guitar and Igor Olejar (of Autorotation) on drums.
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