Grausame Töchter + Dynastie (DE)

GRAUSAME TÖCHTER (DE) produce electronic music to spread emotional coldness.

The music can not be pigeonholed, they include elements from Industrial, EBM, classical, punk, soundtrack and more.

It is a dirty melange junkyard bygone culture. The lyrics celebrate greed, lust and egomania and want to express evil. For people of people, to unknown paths in their own psyche.

GRAUSAME TÖCHTER are characterized by their exceptional show absolutely worth seeing and experiencing.

Dynastie (DE)
Dynastie were founded in 1996 by Kai Trautmann and Thomas Leszcenski (S.I.T.D).The band name contains parts of the two words "Dynamic" and "Nasty". Dynamic, powerful, evil to offensive - this was the original intention in naming. Dynastie developed over time a unique, mystical and thought-heavy music style, reminiscent of Depeche Mode or Wolfsheim. Dynastie presented their shows in East and West. In the course of her career, Dynastie succeeded in placing two club hits with the titles "Time to Reflect" and "Death Hurts". These were played in all relevant discotheques and can still be found there.No wonder, because all the tracks of the dynastie call for dancing. In fact, huge drumsounds hit drifting keyboards and above all the hushed, dark and rough sounding voice of the charismatic singer Kai Trautmann.
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