International Food Blogger Event “ Holy Lunch “

Ghent International Food Blogger Event

Holy Food Market first food blogging Event. Food bloggers are not just going strong, but they are firmly established as critical influencers of the food and restaurant industries.

Food bloggers and digital media influencers who are passionate about their subject, and many of them are professionals whose blogs and social media accounts are their businesses. Nearly all invest their own time and money researching, testing, writing and posting about food and food-related topics. They communicate their views to the public and to consumers, who themselves are increasingly passionate about food, nutrition, international cuisines, and new trends.

But it’s not all recipes – food blogs and social media accounts run the gamut including restaurant reviews, new products, meal planning, budgeting and more. Digital food influencers also actively share what they learn via their own blogs, accounts and other publications, including newspapers, magazines, television, social media, and offline among friends and family. Their influence is widespread.

The International Food Blogger event will take place monday 16 april 2018 – August in Ghent, More then 300 bloggers, writers, social media gurus, food company representatives, and others will gather to talk, eat, and learn. Come join us!

Holy Lunch
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