Russian folk black metal legend Satarial + support,Live in Sofia

SATARIAL е първата руска паган/фолк/блек метъл група.

The story of a band Satariаl starts with a band "A.M.S.G." in 1989. When 3 fans of bands Bathory, Hellhammer and Venom decided to make music in the same direction.
The first composition:
Seth - vocals, guitar, lyrics, music;
Usurper - bass;
Leprosy - drums.
Concerts AMSG took place in absolutely underground atmosphere: abandoned churches, warehouses, basements etc The court USSR recognized the activity of a band how anti-Soviet . The name of the band and her music were prohibited. Seth was sent to the psychiatric clinic. And the rest members of the band - into the army.
The band recorded a demo in 1989. And after 1990 to 1992 the band was not active.
In 1992 Seth decided to resume musical activities.Seth decides to change name of the band on Satarial. And make the sound of black metal with medieval influence, because in childhood, in music school, he studied on a class of medieval guitar.
And in 1993, in the band comes on keyboards Angel Bust. She brings in the sound and philosophy band witchcraft, harmony of nature and balance. To 1995 a new program and composition of the band was formed. And by this time at the concert for the first time were used rituals with female Nude body and jousting tournaments.
In 1995 the first in Russia the festival devoted to the unholy music Black Mass, The christian terrorists was shoot in members of band Satarial.. After that the composition of the band was changes and in band comes a new drummer Demogorgon. In 1996 the band released the album "And the flame will take the temples of christ", that by the name immediately falls in the category of restricted for sale in Russia.
In 1998 was released album "the Queen of the Elves Land". The presentation of this album at the stadium Wings of the Soviets was cancelled by the government of Russia due to the use in advertising of satanic symbols, insulting the feelings of believers.
In 1999 the band Satarial was accused of involvement in a terrorist organization. arson of churches and desecration of cemeteries. In 2000 the members of the band Satarial were acquitted.
In 2001 Satarial released the album "Heidenlarm". This album was poorly perceived by the Russian audience, which at that time were not ready for the strong influence of folklore in the metal music.
In 2002 was released the demo which was recorded during the prohibition in 2000 under the name " Larm". Also this year Satarial has been banned on the Russian TV channel MTV with video clip of " Beloved of the Night".
In 2005 Satarial makes a small slope to the industrial music. Liric of band become less aggressive.
In 2005 Satarial released the album "Tanz mit...Tod". In 2006 Angel Bust was as an accused of committing ritual murder.( It was false,unfounded prosecution by the government. ) Russian court relieves the charges for lack of evidence.
After this Satarial parted with the drummer and bassist. Seth produced a solo experimental album under the name " Latexxx". In 2011 Seth again forms the team and Angelika to the keyboard adds drums. Satarial returned to the old sound and entirely to the subject of witchcraft and mysticism.
In 2014 Satarial released album " Lunar cross", which was recorded in tradition of old school, fully live, without computer technology.
In 2016 band released album called “ Blessed Brigit” and new official video clip “ Manifest of paganism”.
The entire history of the band Satarial is a struggle for freedom of thought, expression and for religious freedom.

Состав Satarial:

LORD SETH - Vocals, Guitars, Hardy-Gurdy, Programming

ANGELIKA - Drums, Synthesizers, Female Vocal, Programming, Visual Arts, Fireworks


DALATAR - cello

LOLITA - Norwegian Horn, VJ, Visual Arts, Fireworks

1996- And the flame will take the temples of christ (S.I.rec. Russia)
1997- And the flame will take the temples of christ (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
1998- Queen of the Elves land (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
1999- Queen of the Elves land ( Italy)(Century Media Records)
2000- Heidenlarm ( Italy)(Century Media Records) 2001- Heidenlarm (Irond rec. Russia)
2001- Larm (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
2005- Tanz mit...Tod (Cyberrock rec.)
2006- Latexxx (Yaros film Russia)
2008- Tanz mit...Tod( SLEASZY RIDERS prod Греция)
2008- Latexxx( SLEASZY RIDERS prod Греция)
2014- Lunar cross (Co-release with Metallic Media (USA), Black Plague Records (USA). Satanath Records)
2016- "Blessed Brigit" ( Co-release with Death Portal Studio (USA), Symbol Of Domination Prod. )
Video films:
1996- Satarial
1998- Valpurgieva nosch
1999- Queen of the Elves land
2006- Gothic Rush
Video clips:
1997 – Son of Astral Fire
1998 – Queen of the Elves Land
2001 – Beloved of the Night
2004 – Wolf
2006 – Hure-Tod
2014 – Horned One
2016 – Manifest of Paganism
The new album "Blessed Brigit" is dedicated to Celtic paganism and mysticism. Like all creative group Satarial, this album is imbued with the idea of anti-clerical. Using a combination of music and planetary harmonics and rhythms based on the northern shamanism, brings man's consciousness of the three-dimensional space of the universe, beyond good and evil to the progressive realization of chaos hyperspace in wave forms. Lyric is based on magical spells and formulas of mysticism. It uses a variety of languages such as Welsh, English, witchcraft or vulgar Latin, Russian. The music in this album combines black metal, folk, industrial, and has an obvious attraction to the medieval and classical music. Apart from the usual tools for metal music in recording ancient medieval instruments were used, such as the hurdy-gurdy, Norwegian horn, various flutes and drums, and cello and analog synthesizers. In order to convey the breath of the extreme metal, which people can hear the concerts, the album was recorded live without the use of samples and digital tuning. Mixing and mastering were performed on an analog of the American studio Jeffromixesyou studio. Making the album was done by the artist Dark Crusader.

Трек-лист / Track-list:
01. Manifest Of Paganism
02. Horned God (The Charge Of The God)
03. Chaos
04. Yarns Of Fate
05. Formation Of The Moon
06. Blessed Brigit

Длительность / Length - 40:55
Новый альбом " Blessed Brigit" посвящен кельтскому язычеству и мистицизму. Как и все творчество группы Satarial этот альбом пропитан антиклерикальной идеей.
Использование и сочетание в музыке планетарных гармоник и ритмики, основанной на северном шаманизме, выводит сознание человека за трехмерное пространство Вселенной, за грани добра и зла к осознанию прогрессивного хаоса гиперкосмоса в волновых формах.
Лирика основана на колдовских заклинаниях и формулах мистицизма. В ней использованы различные языки, такие как валлийский, английский, колдовская или вульгарная латынь, русский.
Музыка в этом альбоме сочетает в себе black metal, folk, industrial и имеет явное тяготение к средневековой и классической музыке. Помимо обычных для металлической музыки инструментов в записи были использованы старинные средневековые инструменты, такие как колесная лира, норвежский рог, различные флейты и барабаны, а также виолончель и аналоговые синтезаторы.
Для того чтобы передать дыхание настоящего экстремального металла, которое люди могут услышать на концертах, альбом был записан живьем без использования сэмплов и цифрового тюнинга. Сведение и мастеринг были произведены на аналовой американской студии Jeffromixesyou studio.
Оформление альбома было сделано художником Dark Crusader.

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