BlizzCon 2017

This year is our 11th BlizzCon! It's always a beautiful day, when you can watch BlizzCon! So... if you can't make it down for the event, bring yourself down to the bar and enjoy games from one of the greatest gaming companies in the world!

Last year, we got to see Korea absolutely dominate Blizzards new game, Overwatch. They quickly 5-0 Russia in the finals, and their Genji play was ridiculous!

This year, what will they announce for us? A new Warcraft RTS (we can pretend right?)? Maybe a new Diablo? New expansion for WoW? Are we going to see Ghost? hahaha

Regardless of what you love BlizzCon for, they always seem to deliver a great weekend. Even the cosplay adds to the weekend.

See some specials coming soon for this amazing weekend!
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