Night\Shift placehacks KWAG

On the evening before Night\Shift 2017's main event, help placehack KWAG by packing your eyes & ears with amazing experimental creations.

Enjoy a director's cut screening of Dylan Reibling's 24-Hour Dolly — a human-zoo crowd-pleaser/filmmaking endurance challenge from last fall's #NightShift16, starring you & all your pals \\ \\

Soak up the ambient songscapes of North Atlantic Drift (playing 8:45-9:45pmish), Clara Engel (7:20-8:20pmish) & fellow Polar Seas Recordings artist M. Mucci \\ (6-7pmish)

Sneak a peek at LUCID (or spend a few minutes immersed), one of nearly 20 pieces of multidisciplinary programming appearing at #NightShift17 on Saturday, Nov. 4th \\

+ let your senses linger on KWAG's stunning main gallery exhibit, CARRY FORWARD \\

PS: don't miss the 2017 festival's other rad ramp-up event on Thu Nov 2nd: Night\Shift 2017 collage party at Open Sesame!
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