Transitions: Your Journey of Transformation through Grief and Loss

Transitions: Your Journey of Transformation through Grief and Loss with Sarah Donnelly, M. Div.

Thursday June 7, 7:00pm – Sunday June 10, 1:00pm
$475 – Includes program, private bedroom and all meals
Limited bursaries might be available - call to inquire
To register please contact Sarah Donnelly directly:
Registration deadline: Monday June 4
Registration is limited to 9 participants - register soon!

Transitions: Your Journey of Transformation though Grief and Loss has been offered in churches and retreat centres throughout Canada since 2003. Grounded in Christian Spirituality and Prayer, this supportive program offers hope, encouragement, companionship and insights into the often confusing, painful and lonely experience of grieving.

Whether someone is currently grieving, or has experienced a loss some time ago and has not given themselves time to grieve, this 3.5 day retreat will provide insight, hope and prayerful support as they journey through the painful times of grief and loss in their life.

Transitions welcomes those who have experienced a wide range of losses including the death or anticipated death of spouse, partner, child, family member or loved one; the loss of good health in themselves or someone they love; the ending or deep wounding of a marriage, significant relationship or friendship; the loss of a job or underemployment; and retirement from a much-loved career.

Choosing to come to a retreat like this can be a difficult decision for many people. For some, the thought of sharing their sorrow and loss with strangers may feel uncomfortable. Others may not want to “burden” people with their stories and memories. All of these concerns are understandable. Past participants have frequently shared how nervous they felt coming to the first session, and how easily their discomfort was transformed before the end of that first session.
What happens at Transitions?
Using Joyce Rupp’s beautiful book Your Sorrow is My Sorrow: Hope and Strength in Times of Suffering each session includes prayer, a presentation, time for quiet reflection and small group sharing.

Each presentation looks at a different aspect of grief:
Session 1: Praying our Goodbyes
Session 2: The Foretelling of Sorrow
Session 3: Fleeing from Destruction
Session 4: Searching for Our Lost Treasures
Session 5: Meeting Our Pain
Session 6: Standing Beneath the Cross
Session 7: Embracing our Loss
Session 8: Laying our Sorrows to Rest
Session 9: Hello-Goodbye-Hello

Presenter: Sarah Donnelly was born and raised in southern Ontario, receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo, her Masters of Divinity from St. Peter’s Seminary (University of Western Ontario) and her spiritual direction training from The Haden Institute: Spiritual Direction in the Jungian, Mystical, Christian Tradition. Sarah has been offering retreats and workshops since 1994. Her areas of interest include the deepening of our spiritual life and journey, our relationships with those we love, and the often lonely path of grief and loss. After being the director of a diocesan adult education office for seven years, and then suffering a great loss in her own life, Sarah moved to Vancouver Island where she offered retreats, workshops, spiritual direction, and grief support groups and intensive retreats to the ecumenical Christian community on Vancouver Island and throughout western Canada for 10 years. This ministry continues to be offered in Saskatoon. Sarah and her husband Scott Pittendrigh, Dean of the Anglican Cathedral in Saskatoon, moved to Saskatoon in the fall of 2012 and are happy to call the prairies their new home. Sarah is self-employed, and holds two other part-time positions: Pastoral Assistant at St. John’s Cathedral, and a member of the Programming Team at Queen’s House.

For more information about Transitions, including feedback from past participants, please visit and go to Grief Support – Transitions.
To contact Sarah Donnelly directly please call her at 306-717-3707 or through email:
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