Dreambear Clay Sculpture

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My name is Lynne Fisher Nordquist. I created this page to post examples of my work and also of newly completed pieces.

I work in clay, but most of my pieces are meant to go on the wall, not on the table. I do some three-dimensional sculpture as well. I work in terra cotta, raku, and sculptural clay. My favourite pieces to create are clay portraits. Some of these are privately commissioned, and incorporate a mask of the client's face plus symbols and images that are meaningful to them. Other portraits are created strictly for art's sake, which are offered for sale. Each wall piece and portrait sculpture is original, one-of-a-kind art - no works are repeated.

Dimensions for wall plaques vary from about nine inches wide for the smallest, to about twenty to twenty-four inches wide for most pieces, but I have made much larger ones. Prices range from about Cdn.$20 for the smallest figurines made for art fairs, to about Cdn.$1,000 for the larger, most complex pieces. The production process takes about six weeks, depending on the number of works in progress at the same time and the complexity of the piece.

Throughout the years, my work has been exhibited in several galleries. Currently it is shown at New Moon Gallery in Kelowna, B.C., Canada (they have an FB page.) My work has been sold to clients in the U.S., Britain and Germany as well as my native Canada.

I am inspired by the beautiful natural world around me, by archaeology and by mythology, and whatever Muse it is who gives me ideas - for which I am very grateful!
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