Input #4 w/ "Mark Coniglio"

3. 11. 13:00 - 14:00 Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze / auditorium 115

Coniglio’s talk will begin with an overview of his artistic practice, showing how Troika Ranch’s early works – where sensory systems, responsive media software and live performers combined to produce an interactive “reflection” of the body – evolved into an approach where technology actively intervened in the creation, rehearsal and performance of movement. He will conclude by championing potential future interventions, where computational artificial intelligence will be placed into conflict with human bodily knowledge, to provoke the invention of new movement, unforeseen choreographic structures, and compelling relationships between the body and media.

// entry: free
// address: UMPRUM, nám. Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1
#4 w/ " Mark Coniglio "
4. 11. 10:00 - 20:00 Veletržní Palac, hall B

''To be or not to be interactive''

Isadora’s creator and pioneering media artist Mark Coniglio will offer a one-day crash course for his software Isadora – a tool offering real-time interactive presentation and manipulation of video and other media. Coniglio will cover all the basic functions of Isadora, starting with simple tasks like playing movies, compositing video, and how to take advantage of Isadora’s scene based structure, moving on to introduce the integrate projection mapping tool, and ending up with some demonstrations of real-time interactive control using sensors like the the Leap Motion and TouchOSC. This will allow the participants to use Isadora in the artistic projects they will create during the weekend.

Open to anyone with visual and performance curiosity - background in design, music, performance all welcome. Please bring a laptop.

// entry: 1600,- / 1300,- students
// address: Dukelskych hrdinů 47, Prague 7
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// please note: workshops will be held in English ----------------------------------------------------

5. 11. 20:00 @ Veletržní palác

Du-ue-et is an improvisation for two dancers in which temporarily shifted video images of themselves serve as a choreographic score. As they attempt to precisely mimic the deconstructed images of their movement projected before them, a flurry of echoes and micro-patterns come into being. The result is a strange and inhuman choreography that gene-splices the humanity of the performers with into an unrelenting algorithmic pattern.

// entry: 100,-
// address: Dukelskych hrdinů 47, Prague 7


// An intensive series of 5 new media workshops presented by 5 artists focused on the intersection of art & technology.

// Experience the artists through different perspectives as lecturers, workshop leaders, and their new media practice /performance, installation, etc./

// Invited artists for 2017 season are Robert Lippok, Gene Kogan, Peter Kirn, and Mark Coniglio.


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// organised by Lunchmeat z.s
// co-funded by Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic
// supported by Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze
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