J-Dag, Slusen's Birthday + iPod battle

···Slusen - official Friday Bar at AAU-CPH···

******** BIRTHDAY ********
This Friday, we are celebrating a very important birthday... Ours! And we have a gift for you! We will give ou...SHHHH! Let's keep it a surprise!

******** IPOD BATTLE 2017! ********
Do you want to control the party? Pick the music? Make some noise?
Here is your chance: The iPod Battle 2017!

What do you get for participating you ask?
- Access to the green room filled with snacks, beer (free) and good vibes.

How do i sign my team up you ask?
- In the sign up post, you add your team name in a vote-option,and have the team members vote on it.

What do i win you ask?
- Well a trophy, champagne, Honor and Glory!

How do I play my favorite tracks?
- Our DJ, will make sure your song plays, at the right time. Make sure to add your songs to the collaborative playlist on Spotify: https://goo.gl/1ojQrA

Teams of 1-4 persons, battles in a knockout tournament to become the iPod battle champs of AAU CPH. The goal of the battles are to create the best party!

Each battle consists of 3 rounds. In each round both teams gets 1 minute to play a song. When both teams have played 3 songs the crowd will vote for the winner by making noise for the team they think did the best.

We will have a collaborative playlist on spotify where you put all the songs you think you will need for the entire tournament. Before your battle, you tell the DJ, what song he should put on.

All tricks to encourage the crowd are allowed. Throwing money, confetti, dance routine, costumes and whatever you think will work, as long as safety precautions are taken.

******** J-DAG******** As usual, on this very special evening, when the snow starts falling, Christmas brew (Julebryg) is released. Get your Julebryg in the first batch - at 20:59!

******** FOOD ********
This friday, we are also glad to announce that Deux Porcs foodtruck, will serve delecius food at the parking lot. Their daily menu and prices will come later, but take a closer look at their facebook site: Deux Porcs


Draft beer:
··Tuborg Julebryg: 25kr.··
Tuborg Pilsner: 20kr.
Tuborg Classic: 20kr.
Tuborg Gold: 25kr.

Somersby Apple: 20kr.
Somersby Blueberry: 20kr.
Somersby Sparkling Rosé: 20kr.
Somersby Secco: 20kr.

10 shots Fisk/Gajol (Cola. Apple, Strawberry, Pomegranate): 80kr.
1 shot: 10kr.

Soda (Coca Cola, Sprite): 10kr.
We take cash, Visa/Mastercard and MobilePay.

Support us by purchasing your drinks at the bar ♥
See you at Slusen!

Want to become a tender? Write to us here on Facebook or simply ask at the bar :)
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