Scandinavian Zumba Party 2018 - Jubilee event

Scandinavian Zumba Party 5 year jubilee event.
10 masterclasses, 7 hours none stop Zumba Party.

Presenters list:
- Zes Steve Boedt
- Zes Kass Martin
- Zes Loretta Bates
- Zes Monika Lejman
- Zes Hermann Melo
- Special guest - Jonathan Benoit - The Next Rising Star - International Zumba presenters ZumbaTwinz, Alicia & Tania Ginard
- International Zumba presenter Jon Martin
- International Zumba presenter Mo Diakite
- International Zumba presenters Nuno Antas & Ricardo Rodrigues
- International Zumba presenters Zumba Twins, Bobi & Illian Ivanov

Just like last year we will have Zumba Busses bringing you from CPH central station to the venue and back again.
Book A hotel near Copenhagen central station.

Buy your bus ticket here:
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