Inca Roads Motorcycle Tour (10d/9n)

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The Inca reigned over South America before the arrival of the Spanish and were some of the best road builders in history. When their empire expanded from Peru into Ecuador in the early 1500’s, they built impressive cities, fortresses, burial grounds and temples connected by an extensive system of paved roads and suspension bridges known as the “Qhapaq Nan”. These roads were of such high quality that large stretches of them are still intact to this day and were awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2014. The Qhapaq Nan road system was a unique achievement of engineering skills as it passed through varied geographical terrains, including the snow-capped mountain ranges of the Andes, rainforests, fertile valleys and stark deserts.

In recent years Ecuador has rivaled the Incan Empire in road building. The country has the highest investment of GDP in road construction in all of the Americas and this has resulted in the creation of thousands of miles of newly paved and properly cambered roads.

On this exhilirating tour we'll follow in the footsteps of the Inca and explore many of Ecuador's national parks and wildlife areas. You'll experience Ecuador's mega-diversity of terrains, climates, and cultures as we ride through the Amazon Jungle and various altitudes of the Andes mountains. You will have the opportunity to visit rich cultural areas such as the famous markets in Otavalo, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca, and the traditional vilages of Salinas de Guaranda and Alausi.

Above all, this tour includes some of the best motorcycle roads in South America. You'll tackle the twisties around active volcanoes, ride the altiplanos at 14,500 feet, carve through deep river canyons and go deep into the Amazon jungle.
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