Helsingin syysleiri 2017 / Helsinki Autumn Seminar 2017

Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi kendo club warmly welcomes all kendokas to our Autumn Kendo Seminar. There will be separate groups for dan-holders, kyu-holders and national team members (or aspiring ones). Please see the details below:


Main teachers are Mikko Salonen (7.dan Kyoshi) and Markus Frey (7.dan Kyoshi).

On top of this we have a huge number of Finnish teachers:

Kari Jääskeläinen 6. dan Renshi

Susanna Porevuo 6. dan Renshi

Pekka Nurminen 6. dan Renshi

Kari Ruuhilahti 6. dan Renshi

Heini Korhonen 6. dan

Markus Lyyrtö 6. dan

Finnish national team coaches Sakari Jokinen and Mia Raitanen also attend.


On Friday ji-geiko at the Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchin dojo. Alakiventie 2, 00920 Helsinki: Arena Center

Saturday and Sunday: Herttoniemenrannan liikuntahalli, Petter Wetterin tie 5, 00810 Helsinki


Dojo-sleepover at Chikaran dojo: Sturenkatu 25, 00510 Helsinki. Included in the seminar price!

Other option:

http://www.cheapsleep.fi / / close to Chikara dojo
http://forenom.fi/aparthotels/helsinki-herttoniemi/ close to the venue


http://saunamesta.fi /helsinki

Elimäenkatu 9 A, floor 1, 00510 Helsinki. Included in the seminar price!


Dan -gradings 1.dan - 4. Dan - see prices in the attached invitation!

Kyu gradings

Kyu -gradings from 6. to 1 kyu only if there are at least 2 participants for a kyu grade. This will be confirmed when the seminar starts.
Prices: 6.-1.kyu: 20 €/ pass.

Register to gradings when you register for the seminar.

Seminar Price

50€ for full seminar, one day 25€.

Participants coming outside of Finland can pay in cash.



Programme attached!
Warmly welcome!

Inqueries kendo@kkti.

Mikko Salonen (+358 41 440 1914)
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