Puma Blue | Paris

Puma Blue
16.04. Paris, Le Pop-Up du Label

Tickets €11
Link: http://www.digitick.com/puma-blue-pop-up-paris-16-avril-2018-css5-supermonamour-pg101-ri4983301.html

Puma Blue is the alias of Jacob Allen, singer/songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist, based in South East London, UK.

He produces the music himself in his bedroom, and has been acclaimed for his voice, lo-fi sound, raw guitar playing, as well as jazz and hip hop influences. His debut EP ‘Swum Baby’ was released June 2017. This followed popularity of a demo release of 'Only Trying To Tell You', a song he released in 2014 under his own name. Live he performs with a four piece band, blending downtown jazz sax lines with J Dilla influenced grooves and a heart-wrenching vocal akin to Jeff Buckley and Billie Holliday. This blend is combined with a punk-inspired grit, ferocity and looseness.
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