Dane Joe, Neta Polturak, SKY and bibi at Potemkin Bar

DANE JOE (ambient-occasionally danceable-creepy-pop)

Dane Joe AKA Adi Koom is an urban witch from Jerusalem, currently based in Berlin. She’s been involved in several bands as a vocalist, guitarist and electronic composer for many years now, but Dane Joe is her first solo project. In 2015 Dane Joe released her first EP - “Detoxification”, and recently released her first album - “New Age”. She is the founder of the Berlin-based label - Baby Satan Records. Dane Joe creates Ambient-Creepy-Pop, floating between melancholic singing and half-danceable beats. In her music, Dane Joe combines field recordings she collected, spacy synths, dirty electronic drums and electric guitar, soft singing and nightmary voices.


NETA POLTURAK (dark pop, experimental pop)

Neta Polturak is one of the most promising young talents to come out of Tel Aviv's eclectic underground scene. Walking the blurry line between dark experimental and melodic pop, Neta's tunes are both atmospheric and immensely powerful, supported by a mesmerising and chillingly beautiful androgynous stage presence. A female solo artist now based in Berlin, Neta's incendiary combination of Rowland S. Howard darkness and the raw power of PJ Harvey has already garnered her a dedicated and ever growing fanbase around the world. - Patrick McCumiskey


SKY / sorrowkillsyouth (heartcore, death r&b, witchgaze)

SKY is a solo sonic exorcism of fears and sorrow. Through the language of nightmares and dreams, the sound of blasting beats and gloomy synths, she struggles to reconcile with ghosts of the past and put her inner demons to sleep. Her songs remind the soundtrack for the unreleased season of Twin Peaks. SKY’s debut EP, “Lullabies”, was released this year by Polish netlabel Trzy Szóstki. The cassette release of the album is due in January, under the Berlin-based label Black Verb Records.


BIBI (kitch-pop, synth-violence, fractured-lullabies)

bibi writes her music in form of essays. She picks up subjects, that people are too afraid to talk about with their friends (even when they’re drunk) and turns them into kitsch-pop, synth-violence songs.In 2014 she released her first album “Poemat o dorastaniu” (“A poem on growing up”), which was released on tape cassettes by Polish microlabel, Jasień. She just finished working on her second album “The love essay”, which will be issued on March 8th by Trzy Szóstki, Baby Satan Records & Katzwijm Records.


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