Directing & storytelling - Free presentation

Free presentation of "Directing and storytelling" course, organized by Berlino Schule and Berlino Magazine.


The course will be structured in 4 long sessions, over two weekends.
The first two days we will write a short script and will learn the different techniques of preproduction, casting, storyboarding, blocking and cinematography that are related to our story.

On the following two days, after having prepared everything, we will actually go out and shoot the short story.

In order to optimize time and get the best learning experience, students are welcome to bring along some simple script ideas already on the first day. We will then discuss them, select the best one and work our way to producing it. We should think about a simple, single location story with a maximum of 2 to 4 actors. Let’s also think about easy to produce locations, like a park, a forest, the beach, a car or anything that can be easily accessed with no budget or special permits around the city of Berlin.

Every student will actively participate in the making of the film. Each member will be given a task and a responsibility area and will work in cooperation with the rest of the team.
Two theoretical lessons and two full day practical ones where everybody will assist and be given responsibilities to work in cooperation with the rest of the team, learning directly from the director and getting involved in the production of a mini short film.
Every step taken in the process will be described as in a teaching class, giving you, at the end of the seminar, a first-hand comprehension of how to make a movie.

The course will be structured in the following way.

DAY 1 and 2

- Who is the director and what are his responsibilities.
- The other essential figures in the making of a film.
- The cinematographer, Production Designer, Stylist, Production Manager, etc.
- Casting
- Scouting
- Shooting script/board
- Pre-production meeting
- The crew
- Blocking
- Directing actors
- The grammar of the shots
- Movement
- Equipment and technology
- The script and its structure - Analyze and finalize our script
- Dialogues
- Preparing the shooting board or shooting script

DAY 3 and 4

- Scouting the location
- Shooting our film

Price: 190€

Enrico Trippa (@enricatwork)

He's an award-winning director working in the advertising industry always with a storytelling approach. He shot commercials, shorts and video art all over Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Some of the international brands he worked for:
More info here:


The free presentation has no limits of participants.

UPDATE: The official dates of the course have to be defined yet


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