Happiness Reloaded: Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat for MS

Have you been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the modern medicine has put you on steroids and other heavy medication to just “hang in there” without any hope in sight? Throughout our years of yoga therapy practice, we have encountered numerous cases like this and found out that there is a less invasive and more comforting solution to prevent progression of the disease. Individually oriented yoga therapy and ayurveda create the perfect blend that shows you a new perspective of a fulfilled life and happiness.

Yoga Therapy is a guiding holistic method, where the patient takes over the responsibility for his/her health which promotes self-love, self-respect and self-healing. The advantage of this method is that the patient receives professional and scientific guidance without any denial of other healing systems but progresses on his own and therefore realises his own needs and limits which is essential in MS treatment as the patient often has to deal with feelings of despair and depression. The own progress and participation in healing will give him/her the feeling: Yes, I CAN do it! Often the firm knowledge about the disease and about own limits remove most of the symptoms and prevent their reoccurrence - therefore this method is sustainable. Apart from this, yoga therapy works on all areas of the human existence (body, prana - the vital energy, mind and soul - happiness). By restoring balance among all of these, they start to work in harmony again and support the healing process. These are: body postures (asanas) or body movements, breathing practices (pranayama), meditation, cleansing techniques (kriya), diet, positive talk, singing, dancing, story telling and other activities promoting joy and happiness.
Through the techniques mentioned above, the symptoms like spastic and nerve pain, bladder problems and chronic fatigue have significantly diminished or have vanished completely and other positive changes occurred such as more energy and inner peace, joy of living, stronger immune system, stronger metabolism in brain, nervous system and spinal cord.
Apart from the daily schedule, there will be enough time to relax on the beach, take an ayurvedic massage or explore the natural surroundings during our short trips.
This retreat is for anyone of you who has been diagnosed with MS and wants a sustainable improvement in health. Age is not important but you have to be able to walk and travel on your own. There is no need for any vaccination as the state Kerala is very hygienic and safe. Medical care is easily accessible and highly professional.

There will be an individual ayurveda consultation at the beginning of the retreat to give you the correct medical assistance throughout.

YOGA SCHEDULE at the Arsha Yoga Ashram:
6:30 to 7:20 AM meditation (sitting meditation on the roof/walking meditation/creative movement)
7:30h Tea
08:00 – 9:00h Lecture/Workshop
09:00 – 10:00h Practice for MS
10:15 Brunch
10:45 – 11:30h Seva
14:00h Tea
15:30 - 17:00 yoga therapy consultation/yin yoga/workshop/guest lecture
18:15h Dinner 19:30 – 20:30/21:00h Meditation, chanting or story-time

Claudia Göttling:
I have been practicing yoga since the year 2000, yoga teacher (BYV), yoga therapist (BYAT), yin yoga teacher (BYV), additional trainings in relaxation techniques and partner yoga.
In 2011, my MS diagnose has changed all my life. At that time the doctors were surprised about the good condition I was in physically. According to their assessment, it would have been much worse. For me it was clear: Yoga did it. I then quit my long-term job in the automobile industry and devoted myself entirely to yoga and especially yoga therapy. I believe in the transformative power of yoga and yoga therapy because I experience it every day on my own. This is what I like to share with other MS patients.
Harilal and Meera Karanath:
We are both yoga teachers and yoga therapists with 12 years of teaching experience. In 2007 we founded Arsha Yoga. Throughout our years of practice in the field of yoga therapy we noticed its healing effect on the MS patients and now the time has come to offer a residential healing retreat.

There will be a common flight for the group organised by Claudia Göttling from Frankfurt International Airport with Emirates or Qatar airways. (Flight with little layover hours directly to Kerala). From the airport Cochin in Kerala, there will be a transfer organised to the ashram.

Arrival day: Friday, 26 October
Start of the course: 7:30pm
please arrive latest by 5pm, you are welcome to book your stay a few days prior to the beginning of the course to enjoy the serene atmosphere, get accustomed to the climate or to recover from your jet lag. (additional cost of 1.000 INR per night applies)
End of the course: Friday, 9 November
Departure day: Saturday, 10 November

Fees: 740 USD or 600€, Indian nationals 35.000 INR. Price includes ayurvedic vegetarian food, accommodation, all classes and individual consultation. Price excludes trips, transfer from and to airport, plane tickets and visas.

For registration or more information, please e-mail Meera Karanath: arshayoga.org@gmail.com or Claudia Göttling: claudia.goettling@gmail.com
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