Youth Empowerment Session by AIESEC in Hyderabad

While the whole world is busy fooling around, let's take a moment to ponder upon all the injustices that prevail in our world. Do we really have the time to fool around while there are serious actions to be in place?

What can you do to solve it?

We believe youth alone can bring solutions to end these problems and hence place our confidence in youth to unlock a better future.

You can volunteer to bring a change by going on a global volunteering programme powered by AIESEC.

Event Agenda:

1. Skill-building
2. Empowerment Modules
3.Essence of an exchange 4.Goal Setting

Attend the event to find out more about how YOU can change the world and volunteer for the sustainable development goals so that this April we FIGHT against them and not just FOOL around. It's time we get serious.

Register Here:
Entry Fee: 150 Rupees (OnSpot)

Contact the below numbers for any queries

Vedanth: 9581931931
Ameya: 8886166888

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