Goa Homestay

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Homestay Goa opportunities range from a complete family experience to basic room rental. The goal of our homestay is for the students, family or tourists to be immersed in their host's culture. The students, family or tourists may participate in family activities, including dining out, going to amusement parks, camping, and traveling.

HomeStay Goa accommodation is like staying with friends when you travel. Instead of booking in to an anonymous hotel, you enjoy the relaxed informality of sharing a real home.

And our HomeStay Goa accommodation isn't just a place to sleep. Whether it's for a weekend or a week, you'll be sharing the lives of your hosts. You'll be getting to know the locals, who can show you the real life of the places you're visiting - those restaurants and views the tourist guidebooks don't know about (or don't tell!)

HomeStay Goa accommodation is the new way to travel. It's about 'deep tourism' - experiencing the real life of the people, having a 'way in' to the local culture. And HomeStay accommodation is often cheaper than hotels, too!

In short, HomeStay Goa accommodation is about making friends with people living real lives in the places you want to visit. It's about making connections, making the world that little bit smaller and friendlier.
Stay tuned to this page if you're interested in trying HomeStay accommodation for your next trip - in your own country or abroad, in the city or in the countryside - you'll find plenty of friends here willing to host you and show you around!

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Homestay Goa accommodation lets you stay with the locals when travelling!
Share the homes of new friends all over the world through HomeStay International

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