Functional Anatomy of Movement for yogis and massage therapists


Taught by experienced clinical osteopaths, this course will facilitate your understanding and use of anatomy for both Thai Masseurs and Yogis.

Rachel and Arno will teach you anatomy of movement and how to read anatomy, test it, evaluate and integrate it into daily practice. After this intensive course anatomy will no longer be an obscure and complex mystery but rather a practical and useful tool to read the body and help develop your intuition as a practitioner.

They have taught many anatomy courses over the last 20 years to students around the world, yoga teachers, osteopaths, bodyworks and Thai massage therapists. This makes this class unique and precious for whoever wishes to look deeper into the human anatomy of movement, instead of academic dry and boring anatomy charts that can disconnect us from our practice.

The aim of this course is to facilitate the understanding of the structure and function of the anatomical form for all various body workers and movement teachers. This will enable functional anatomy to become a practical and useful tool to read the body and help develop your intention and intuition as a practitioner/teacher.

The course will follow a day by day presentation, from embryological development to general systemic anatomy to specific structural and functional details. We will encourage "topographic anatomy" emphasizing a 3D integration of the different regions of the body.

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PRICE : 1800$ (USD)

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