Castello di Montegiove

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The Castle of Montegiove rises on a hillside on the border between the old city-states Orvieto and Perugia and is one of the oldest mansions in Umbria. It’s name originates from the existence of a Roman temple dedicated to “Jupiter elicius” proven by the discovery of two votive terracotta heads of the God. It’s construction was due to the efforts of the family Bulgarelli, the counts of Marsciano, and took place between 1278 and 1282. Through the centuries the castle become home of famous figures like the the Blessed Angelina, the Monaldeschi della Vipera and the warlord Gattamelata. Since 1780 the castle has been property of the Marquises Misciattelli, who unified the ancient fief and adapted it to agricultural purposes.

The estate of Montegiove has a centennial tradition of passionate farming, giving birth to products of outstanding and absolute virtue. It covers nearly 1200 hectares of stunning Umbrian countryside, where natural grown oak forests, vineyards, olive fields and arable land blend in total harmony with ancient dry walls and farmhouses built of local stone. The principal products of the estate are Orvieto d.o.c. and Umbria Rosso i.g.t red wines, extravirgin olive oil, wheat, sunflower, beans, lentils, Chianina beef cattle, forage and forest products. Exceptional in its pristine natural setting, the 800 hectares of woods are home to abundant wildlife like wildboar and deer and the luxuriant local flora includes specialties like truffles and mushrooms.

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